Polish Biometric Society Department of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science XLI International Biometrical Colloquium
Czech-Slovakian-Polish Workshops on Biometry
Lublin (Poland), September 5-8, 2011
University of Life Sciences in Lublin

Instructions for authors

You are invited to present unpublished papers on the following topics: statistical methods and their applications in life science, biometrics and computer science. The conference will include oral and poster sessions.

Authors intending to contribute are kindly requested to submit one-page abstracts in a digital format, as a Microsoft Word file. The abstract book will be published and distributed to the participants during the conference. Deadline for one-page abstracts is July 15, 2011

Publication in Colloquium Biometricum

Full research papers can be considered for inclusion (after review) in the pre-conference 41th volume of Colloquium Biometricum. Papers for the volume are welcome.

For more information and guidelines for authors visit the journal's website or see PDF format file.

Full length manuscripts (according to the required format) should be submitted to the following address:

Department of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science
University of Life Sciences in Lublin
Akademicka 13, P.O. Box 158
20-950 Lublin, Poland
colloquium.biometricum@up.lublin.pl or joanna.tarasinska@up.lublin.pl

by March 31, 2011.

Oral presentation

Each oral presentation is limited to 20 minutes, including time for discussion. English is the preferred language for the presentations. Computer and audio equipment is available.

Poster presentation

Posters should be in English or Polish. The poster size should be approximately 60 cm wide and 80 cm high. The poster should consist of title, authors' names and affiliation, objectives, methods, results, conclusions, discussion and references.